Saturday, 20 February 2010

How to Create Quality Canvas Prints

Canvas Prints Online have been creating perfect canvas prints for many years. We have mastered the process of printing peoples photos on canvas from start to finish. In this blog we will explain step by step how we do it.

Fist step to making perfect Canvas Prints

Canvas Prints Online receive hundreds of orders every week. Once one of our customers has uploaded an image and placed an order, one of the Canvas Prints Online members of the design team will begin work right away.

Your image will be taken through an auditing process to check the quality and to apply any retouching techniques when necessary. The image will then be prepared to send to print.

Second step to making quality Canvas Prints

Using the latest printing technology available, Canvas Prints Online will reproduce your image on canvas. This will be printed on the finest Artist canvas and and will then be prepared for stretching to make your canvas prints.

Third step to making beautiful Canvas Prints

This is when Canvas Prints Online will start the stretching process. A deep wooden frame is put together and the canvas is then placed into a stretching machine. This will create tension and so the canvas is wrapped and stapled on the back of the canvas prints.

Forth step to making exceptional Canvas Prints

Now the canvas has been stretched around the frame, it will be completed by sticking tape on the back of the canvas print to finish it off. Canvas Prints Online take pride in the quality of their prints and our staff are highly qualified in the techniques required to make our canvas prints stand out.

Final step to making great Canvas Prints

Canvas Prints Online will finally package and box the canvas print. Again this is done professionally without causing any damage to the print and the packaging materials are strong to avoid any problems once the canvas prints have left our hands.

So, if you are keen to see the final product for yourself then don't hesitate to contact us for the perfect canvas prints